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 A 'Do it Yourself' (DIY) Project

      - Freely sharing my page designs!

  • The FREE download pages are watermarked "SAMPLE" on each page and are incomplete sets; they just give some design ideas.
  • My own page size 240mm x 282mm (9.4" x 11.1")
  • Stamp captions, set headings, borders, issue year
  • Extensive stamp illustrations throughout
  • Snippets of interesting Russian history
  • Arranged in Stanley Gibbons catalogue order
  • Visit PAGE PREVIEWS for more design detail

Sharing details of my project...


This website is dedicated to sharing design details of my RUSSIA STAMP ALBUM PAGE PROJECT and hopefully inspire others to create their own country album pages - a much better, bespoke alternative to those really boring and generic A4/American Letter sized page types sold as PDFs for just a few £s/$s (e.g. Steiner/ Britannia/ StampBooks). In my opinion, these 'print-at-home' designs are really poor; and are not my preferred page size for a philatelic stamp album. Surely your prized stamp collection deserves much better!!


My Russia stamp album project was the result of many years of design work (spread out as time permitted): gathering stamp information from various sources including native Russian language stamp catalogues; scanning and cropping many thousands of stamps; and then designing pages using QuarkXPress Passport desktop publishing software (Adobe InDesign would be another excellent alternative).

Download uncompressed pages:   (34mb high resolution)

My album page layout display my stamps in a very comfortable and attractive flow; I have used clear Hawid hingeless mounts that allow the feint stamp borders to show through nicely. The pages have a balance of layout and space. This, matched with individual stamp captions, stamp set headings and occasional bits of historic Russian text, helps create a very nice presentation - avoiding the 'jammed together' appearance of even the most expensive commercial albums. I really enjoy browsing through my Russia albums - they don't just sit in a bookcase only pulled out occasionally to add new stamp additions or updrades such as mint for used.

For more detail visit my design and preview pages.

David Farndale        

YouTube Ruskystamps Russia stamp album pages

COMING SOON - a closer look at some of my pages on YouTube...

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