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This page is devoted to providing website and contact details for various philatelic resources, forums, interest groups and dealers.
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Russia philatelic resources


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* Ruskystamps (Our Facebook Community page)
* Ruskystamps (Our Facebook Russia Stamp Collectors Group page)
* Ruskystamps (Our Twitter page)

Russian Philatelic Resources & Societies

The Rossica Society of Russian Philately
Samovar Rossica Society of Russian Philately Forum
The British Society of Russian Philately
Russian Postal History Online
Canadian Society of Russian Philately
Russian Revenues: Russian revenues, cinderella, charity stamps
Revenue Collector: Forbin's Catalogue de Timbres-Fiscaux
Fabio's Stamp Resources: Resource for Postal Authorities
Jan Langenberg: Stamps, zemstvos, revenues, perfins, cinderellas
Rusphil: Russian Empire online catalogue, identifier and value
URPCC: The Golden Age of Russian philately
Marka: “Marka” issuing authority of new Russia stamps
UPU: Public website of the Universal Postal Union (UPU)
Stampworld: Largest on-line USSR stamp catalogue
Dead Countries: Fantastic online resource for stamp collectors of countries which no longer exist - “dead countries”

Russian Stamp Dealers

Raritan Stamps: Stamp auction site
Trevor Pateman: Russian philately Armenia to Zemstvo
DJM Kerr: Specialist in the philately of Eastern Europe
J Barefoot Ltd: Stamps, postal history and revenues of Europe
Neofila Ltd: Stamps E. Europe, Former Soviet Union, CIS
Vargur Stamps: Specialists in Russia, USSR, FSU
Russian Collectables: Member of Russian Stamp Dealers Association
Peter Stamps: Philatelic Service in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Espoo
Loral Stamps: Russian, Ukraine, and related stamp issues
Russian Philately: Russian Philately Stamps - based in US
Malov Stamps: Specialists in “Great Russia” stamps material

Philatelic Links & Directory Listings

JJF's Space Covers: Dealer specialising in space covers
Wardrop Insurance: Stamp insurance and philatelic materials
Cwiakala Family Philatelic Auctions: International Philatelic Auctions
PMR Stamps: On-line stamp catalogue for Pridnestrovie (PMR)
Moldova Stamps: On-Line Stamp Catalogue for Moldova
Zagorsky Stamps: Stamps, Russia catalogue and expertizer
Stamp Collecting Resources for Beginners: Stamp collecting for all occasions

General Stamp Dealers

Dauwalders of Salisbury: UK's biggest provincial stamp dealers
Vera Trinder Ltd: Accessories for the collector
Classic Philately: Rare stamps and postal history of the world

Russia Philatelic Literature and Catalogues

Local Stamps (Provisionals) of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, USSR, 1918-1922, 1931Local Stamps (Provisionals) of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, USSR, 1918-1922, 1931 by Joseph Geyfman. Joseph (member of Rossica) is the author of a brand new Russia stamps catalogue entitled "Local Stamps (Provisionals) of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, USSR, 1918-1922, 1931".
A hard cover, 464 page book; bilingual: Russian/English=50/50; copies will be available from January 2019. Joseph lives in USA, but books will be sent to buyers either from stock held in Moscow, Russia, or Kharkov, Ukraine - whichever is less expensive to a particular destination.

For further information, pricing and shipping costs, contact Joseph at

 My Russian WANTS LIST


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