Ruskystamps Russia stamp album pages FAQs

Some basic questions answered

We are amazed at how little page and design information is provided by other stamp album page publishers.

This FAQ page and our Design page should provide answers to most typical questions, but if not then please contact us by email or phone and we will do our very best to help.


Frequently asked questions

"The best printed Russia stamp album pages ever...easily justifies the time in transferring all my collection over!"
J.D. (Australia)

Album Binders
We can supply 22-ring and 4x D-ring binders with slipcases for album page purchasers. These are philatelic types with high grade, reliable ring mechanisms.

Black & White (Greyscale) or Colour Printing
We offer the option of monochrome (greyscale) printed pages for collectors who would prefer this - these are our best sellers. Same high quality printing as with our colour pages. Colour album pages are printed to special order only - typically allow 2-3 weeks for this plus shipping time. Colour page orders cannot be changed or cancelled once production has started.

Blank Album Pages
We offer blank, pre-printed pages which have the same basic page design (crest, header, border and footer). These are ideal for unlisted items, cinderellas, unofficial issues, locals, revenues, charity labels, variations, other back-of-book (BOB) issues, blocks, etc.

Refunds & Returns
We do not offer any refunds against items purchased however, please refer to our Terms page for more details and further information.

Copying/ Reselling Pages
You may not copy, sell on, reproduce, modify, display, transmit, adapt, publish, translate, counterfeit, create derivative works from and distribute or redistribute Ruskystamps album pages, by photocopy (Xerox), digital or by any other means, to any third party. We will initiate international legal action against any copyright or intellectual property infringement of these terms.

Copyright & Intellectual Property (IP)
Ruskystamps album pages and website content are copyrighted internationally by the publisher and owner David Farndale.

FDC's - First Day Covers & Postal Stationery
These types of items are outside the scope of Ruskystamps album pages and no space or provision has been made for them in the pages. Blank album pages are available should you wish to use these for this purpose or purchase appropriate commercial plastic FDC inserts to fit 4-hole or 22-ring binders.

International Customers
Customers from any country in the world are welcome to purchase Ruskystamps album pages. We do not usually place any restrictions on the countries we ship to unless parcel theft, corruption, cultural dishonesty, customs clearance irregularities, false non-delivery claims, poor postal delivery system, etc. are generally know to be a common problem. Goods will only be shipped once funds have fully cleared.

Minisheets (Sheetlets) & Souvenir Sheets
All Ruskystamps album pages include spaces for all Stanley Gibbons (SG) listed and numbered minisheets/souvenir sheets (as defined by SG) but not sheetlets.

Mounting Stamps
Ruskystamps album pages have been designed to allow stamps to be mounted either using traditional hinges or plastic mounts (preferably clear). Each stamp image is framed with a feint border to allow exact placement of the mount/ stamp.

Our Country of Residence
Ruskystamps is an internet domain name owned and operated by David Farndale in the United Kingdom.

Page Creation & PDF File options
Ruskystamps pages are produced using Quark Xpress Passport v7.3 software and output at very high resolution PDF files with no image compression. This ensures the very highest quality printing.

Page Numbering System
All album pages with stamp illustrations carry a page number. This system allows the collector to arrange the pages in sequence.

Page Size
All Ruskystamps album pages are printed to nominal size 240 mm x 282 mm (approx. 9.4" x 11.1").

Proofs, Errors and Imperforates
Ruskystamps album pages provide reserved spaces for all those stamps actually given main part numbers by Stanley Gibbons. If in any doubt as to how inclusive our pages are, please ask before purchasing. Blank pages can be supplied should you wish to include proofs, colour shade and paper variations, errors, imperforates, forgeries, unofficial, cinderellas etc.

Replacement Pages
If you notify us of a verifiable error on any of our pages, we will send you the corrected page(s) free of charge at the next convenient page print run - this might sometimes mean a wait of several weeks. Overseas customers will need to cover the mailing costs. Should any pages get damaged or lost by the customer, it is unlikely that we can replace these (although always worth asking) - we only stock complete page sets and it's not commercially viable for the professional printing company we use to print off a few pages.

Sample Pages
A large range of page previews are available to view on this website. Alternatively, order a sample pack of 6 physical pages for just £6 GBP including international postage. This is credited towards any album page set purchase made within 30 days.

Scott & Michel Catalogue Numbers
We accept that for some N. American and European collectors, Scott and Michel catalogues are those mainly used - largely due to availability. However, we highly recommend getting a copy of the Stanley Gibbons Russia No.10 specialised catalogue - a very inclusive catalogue for any serious collector of Russian stamps. Whichever catalogue and numbering is used, our pages are so well illustrated that it is very easy to locate and identify stamp positions.

Stamp Image Sizes
We have spent a huge amount of time sourcing, scanning and cropping all the coloured images used on the Ruskystamps album pages - especially pre 1992 issues. We have also had to rely on Russian sources of information regarding some stamp issues, their sizes, captions, colours, details, etc.

Terms and Conditions
You must agree to our terms and conditions before ordering any of our products. Ordering Ruskystamps album pages from us directly, or via any ecommerce alternatives such as eBay, implies your full acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

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