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International S&H explained

We pride ourselves in just how carefully we pack items, often this means lots of bubble wrap and a larger box. This may occasionally mean that S&H costs a little more than if we kept packaging to an absolute minimum, but it does mean goods arrive in perfect condition.

When opening goods, great care is needed to avoid damaging album pages (or binders). It's highly unlikely that we will be able to replace any individual pages that get damaged in this way. We only hold stock of complete page sets and it's not viable for our printers to run off a few pages for us.

Should any delivery arrive with any suspected damage to the parcel (i.e. dents, cuts, rips, holes) sign for the goods "box damaged, contents not inspected", retain all packaging, inspect goods, take some photographs and notify us immediately.


Despatch methods and tracking

Royal Mail (UK Inland)
With UK orders, we sometimes use Royal Mail in order to secure the lowest S&H cost - usually with lower value items such as a sample page pack or a Russia Year Set. 

We generally use one of two parcel brokers (based in UK) to secure the best rates available to us. Most of the time, this is but a lot depends on price and this has been quite volatile in 2017. The actual parcel carrier we end up using will depend on cost at the time, and often international shipments get passed on to other carriers, both in the UK, during transit and when the goods arrive in the destination country. Typically (but not always) the final carrier will be a mainstream one (e.g. UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc).

Insuring for Loss or Damage
Unless there has been a clear breach by the seller (such as knowing selling damaged items), under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and Art. 68 of the U.N. Convention, etc. the buyer acquires an “insurable interest” in the purchased goods and is therefore advised to fully insure the goods to cover loss or damage.

Unless the buyer has elected to pay us extra (at the time of placing an order) for additional insurance, compensation against any damaged or lost goods is usually limited to just £25.

With most international despatches, some form of progress tracking is usually accessible online. This information can be quite minimal or comprehensive depending on the carriers involved and not always totally up to date or accurate. It should only be used as a rough guide rather than a precise indication of delivery day and time.

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